Our Mission

Our mission is to serve people with special needs, created by severe physical and/or neurological disorders, by providing them with appropriate rehabilitation services - including physical, occupational and recreational therapy - and a loving home.

Our Values

We provide services solely on the basis of need

Is always there

We share what we have with others without reservation

We acknowledge our accountability to God for the way we care for those entrusted to us

We use our skills and our hearts in every aspect of our service

Life can be wonderful no matter what

In the Mercy of God

Our Passion is to provide the best possible service to all

We provide each resident with an individually designed care and activity program. A multi-disciplinary team, together with any available family members, friends, or volunteers implement the program. As each individual's needs evolve, the program changes to accommodate the needs.

Facts and Figures

  • We are the first and largest organization in Palestine to offer a home and rehabilitation services on a 24/7 basis

  • Only a few residents’ families contribute to the care of their loved ones

  • Because of their economic circumstances, residents' families contribute no more than 6% of the total cost of their loved ones at the Four Homes of Mercy

  • We currently have 64 residents of all ages

  • We have 55 employees who work in 3 shifts: morning, afternoon and night

  • Our employees cover a large spectrum of skills and services that serve the wider community as well as the Homes

  • The cost per resident per month is currently about $900 USD

The Board

The Four Homes of Mercy is administered by a board of Directors consisting of 13 local women whose responsibilities are to set policies, overall objectives, development strategies and follow-up on work at the Four Homes of Mercy.

There are 55 employees at the Homes who cover all areas of work from Medical and Nursing staff to Rehabilitation, Support services and Administration.