Programs at The Homes

Whatever a person’s level of ability, the Four Homes of Mercy strives to give that person every opportunity to maximize his or her own potential.

We provide people with congenital and acquired neurological disorders with specialized services, including physical, occupational and recreational therapy, and round-the-clock nursing and medical care as needed.

​We enable our residents, who come from throughout Palestine, including Gaza, to enjoy an enhanced manner of living. Many of our residents began in the children's section and then, as they aged, moved into an adult section


Our rehabilitation services include physical and occupational therapy. In addition to our physical and occupational therapy professionals, we are a field work placement site for students of occupational and physical therapy from Bethlehem and Al-Quds universities. Under appropriate supervision, the students provide therapy to our residents and out-patients

Medical Services

We serve families who can continue to care for their loved ones at home by assessing the person's needs and the family's care-giving skills, providing instruction and support to the family as needed. We also provide the person with physical and occupational therapy as appropriate, usually at the Homes, but sometimes at home. ​​

Out patient

We provide a full range of medical services including round the clock nursing.

Support Services

To serve the needs of our guests for long-term round-the-clock services the Four Homes of Mercy has become their home. In addition to their neurological disabilities, many residents have significant cognitive, learning and emotional impairments. Only a very few of our residents can talk or walk; the rest must use wheelchairs.

Recognizing that quality of life depends on more than just good physical health we create many opportunities for social and recreational activities. ​